Video Services

Video Services

  • Corporate Image Building
  • Branding & Storytelling
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Production Process Overviews
  • Industry-Specific Challenges
  • Add/Edit Video Titles, Images, and Descriptions
  • Green/Blue Screen,  Audio Editing, Compositing
  • Corporate messaging
  • Product review videos
  • HD, 2K, 3K, 4K, 4.5K, Resolution

YES! I Want To Get More Traffic To My Videos

Struggling to Get new leads and grow your business?

A great way to tell people about your brand in an exciting, fast and easy way is through a

Corporate Video.

Video's can be used to create very effective and dynamic live presentations, allowing you to deliver a compelling message in a competitive market. A professional video produced by

Brighten Production can help you

with your next marketing campaign. There are many benefits for using a

Video Service

as a communication medium, it conveys personality, it engages, and the fact that people respond to people means that video can hold someones interest for a much longer period of time than just standard text and pictures on a screen.

Here's the best way to Get new leads and grow your business

With all of the content that is being generated today, there is a mass overload of information to sift through and process each day. We are creatures that crave visual stimuli. Today marketers that adopt multiple types of visual stimuli create more traffic and retain customers longer than those that don’t. What makes a video so powerful is it combines multiple senses together and stimulates our brains on the auditory and visual level. This helps to keep people engaged longer and more often. First you have to understand who your audience is and how they may engage with your content. In Inbound Marketing, this leads back to the Buyer Persona that you are marketing to. It always starts with the Buyer Persona, which is the root of your marketing efforts, without that you could be marketing to the wrong audience. If you wish to create a powerful presence with a high Google ranking, an online video service is for you. Impress your audience with a professional corporate video by Brighten Production Inc. In Coral Springs Florida.

Testimonials from our clients

Luke Freeman

Wizard Creations

Brighten Production Inc. are consummate professionals, they took great care of us while shooting our company's video. We had a tight deadline and our video had to be shot on a Sunday at their studio in Coral Springs, they made us look like stars.

Liz McMullen CEO

A New Leaf By Liz

Brighten Production produced my video and designed my website. Amazingly creative with great ideas are the first thoughts that come to my mind when asked to review. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and the timely results. BPI would be my first choice again. What a great company, with so much passion for their work.

Hale Schantz CEO

Schantz & Schantz


My name is Hale Schantz, Im with the law firm of Schantz & Schantz and this is a testimonial for my friend Floyd at BPI. Floyd has a full service video production company in Coral Springs and it was where our video was shot for our website. The traffic has been unbelievable, and the client feed back has been terrific. Everyone loves our videos. I would highly recommend Floyd at BPI.